Tuesday, July 22, 2014

He Said, She Said Bridal Shower Game

Looking for a bridal shower game that takes a fun look at the bride and groom? Look no further than "He Said, She Said"!

This game was really simple to make and everyone had a lot of fun. It helps friends and family get to know the bride and groom a little better and provides a lot of laughs. All you need to do is come up with some questions to ask the bride or groom. Make sure to ask them separately and write down their answers. Mix them up on a sheet of paper and have bridal shower attendees guess "who said what".

Sample Questions:

  • If you could be any superhero who would you be?
  • If you could live anywhere in the world where would you choose?
  • How many kids do you want?
  • What is the craziest thing you have ever done with your future spouse?
  • What was the worst date you and your future spouse ever went on?
  • When you think of school you think _______.
  • If you could describe your future spouse with three words what would they be?
  • If you were stranded on a deserted island and could have one thing what would it be?
Coming up with questions for the bride and groom to answer is a good starting point. If you know both of them really well and one of them uses a common phrase frequently you can include that also. Be creative with your questions. I know that my brother and his fiance surprised me with some of their answers. Many of them were very funny and had us all laughing.

Once you have all of their answers, eliminate any elements that would give it away such as using he or she and put the answers in quotes. For example, if the groom says he would want to be batman if he could be any superhero then put: "If I could be any superhero in the world, I would want to be batman". Be creative and remember to have fun!

Here is a free blank template to use for your own bridal shower!

He Said She Said Download (pdf)

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  1. I downloaded this so I can fill in questions and it will not allow me to.