Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Rose Wreath

Spring is finally in the air! There are slowly starting to be more warm days than cold and to celebrate that I decided I needed to make a spring wreath. Since Easter is just around the corner I decided I wanted to do a wreath that had a little bit of Easter but not so much that I could not use it just for spring.

After looking at some other wreaths online for inspiration I decided to use the tutorial provided by the blog By Stephanie Lynn to make my own wreath. I loved her rose covered wreath. It looked so elegant and reminded me so much of spring. I love craft projects that use book pages but I had not done any yet because the thought of tearing up a book makes me cringe. I knew that this project needed to happen though so I toughed it out, found some books I was not going to read, and got to work. I thought her tutorial was very helpful and while making the flowers was the most time consuming and tedious part, they were worth every minute spent on them. I also decided to add the small colorful eggs to add some color and bring in some aspects of Easter. 

  • Colorful mini Easter eggs (from the Dollar Tree) - $2.00
  • Pool Noodle - $1.00
  • Duct Tape - Free
  • Hot glue gun - Free
  • Hot glue sticks - $1.00
  • Ribbon - $1.00
  • Books - Free (took about 1 1/2 medium sized books or 500 pages)
  1. Take your pool noodle and tape the two ends together with duct tape to create your wreath form.

  2. Rip out the pages from your books and cut the pages into squares. Each rose is made from three pages layered together. Next, cut circles out of those squares. Cut a swirl pattern out of the circles. By Stephanie Lynn has a very good tutorial that I used. She explains how to do this much better than me.

  3. Roll your cut-up circles starting from the outside working your way in until you have a rose form. Glue the roses together and let dry.

  4. Glue your roses onto the wreath for with your hot glue gun. Randomly glue the colorful mini eggs, alternating colors, in with the roses. 
  5. When you have almost covered the entire wreath form, leave room for where the ribbon with go. Cut out a piece of one of your book pages and glue this onto that empty area. I did this because my ribbon was shear and I did not want the wreath form to show through.
  6. Next, outline that paper with the remaining colorful mini eggs. Cut your ribbon to the length you want and glue the ends together around the wreath form. This is what you will use to hang it on your door wreath hanger.
  7. All done! 

Close-up of where to tie the ribbon. 

This wreath took a while to do and is definitely a full weekend project. I love how it turned out and cannot wait to show it off on my door this spring. There is a little bit of Easter in it but not so much that I will need to take it down mid-April. I will be able to leave this up all spring long to help coax in more warm weather.

This wreath cost me very little and many of the supplies I can reuse. Hope you all had an amazing weekend and will use this as an inspiration to make your own spring wreath!