Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekly Rehash 8/11/14

Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a wonderful week. I decided to keep this week pretty low key and did not do a whole lot of anything. I had to go back to work since my vacation was over. It is always difficult getting back in the groove after being off for a while but I managed. On Friday I woke up and decided to make a last minute trip back to visit my parents. I was originally just going to relax all weekend but my grandma and aunt were only going to be in town for two more days before heading back to Arizona and I really wanted to see them off. When I arrived in Fort Wayne, I was surprised to find a lot of my extended family had decided to visit too. It was nice seeing everybody and my mom made some BBQ pulled pork sandwiches and cheesy harvest potatoes. They were delicious. However, I forgot to take a picture of them. Sad day.

Everyone decided to sit outside since it was such a nice day. We all love my parents back yard, even our dog :).
Here Ellie is again trying to find critters that like to hide under the deck. 
On Saturday my sister had her car wash fundraiser for the band. The Homestead Marching Band has a yearly fundraiser where they wash cars for free and collect donations. She had washed my car earlier that week as a part of the fundraiser and now they were going to wash cars at four major locations. I remember when I participated in the car wash. It was always a lot of fun and its nice that the band always makes everyone feel like they are a part of something. They always like to say that they are one giant family.

This is an old picture from when I was in the band and doing the car wash. I hope my sister had just as much fun as I did.
Later that night we ordered pizza and I tried the Lactade once again. It worked pretty well but I definitely could not eat a bowl of ice cream or a glass of milk with it. I think it works for me only if I eat stuff like cheese which has a lower lactose content. We then watched the movie Warm Bodies which I thought was fun, quirky, and really cute. I love zombie movies and this was a fun take on the common zombie tale.

Along, with all of those things I went shopping with my mom and sister for some new clothes. I picked out some things for work and even got a nice grandma sweater to wear around the apartment. My dad laughed and said it was perfect for me to wear while working on my current knitting project (which you can see a glimpse of down below). Everyone likes to say I like anything old lady... which is a very accurate statement :).

Before leaving to head back home after a nice weekend visit with family, me, my sister, and my mom decided to watch Austenland. I had been wanting to see it for a while now and it seemed like the perfect girls movie. We all really liked it and found ourselves laughing during most of it. The characters were a bit silly but that is what made the movie so much fun. 

Overall, I think it was nice having a calm, lazy week. Let me know how your own week was in the comments below!

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