Friday, August 1, 2014

30 before 30

Recently I have been seeing bucket lists all over the place. Many years ago I made my own ultimate bucket list and while there are still many things not completed, I have been able to check a lot of them off. I learned how to swing dance, was in the archery and fencing clubs in college, and visited Mexico which gave me the opportunity to see some amazing wonders.

While I have had a lot of interesting adventures I don't want to stop quite yet! A recent version of the bucket list I have been seeing is the 30 before 30. One fabulous blog I read A Joyful Kind of Life has her own list and this gave me inspiration to come up with my own. I still have a little over 5 years so this list should be doable. There are so many opportunities in life and I don't want to miss out on anything so without further ado here is my very own 30 before 30!

1. Visit New York and see a Broadway play.
2. Re-learn how to make amazing cheesecake using lactose-free ingredients.
3. Turn my craft room into my own personal oasis.
4. Dye my hair a crazy color.
5. Take a girls-only trip.
6. Run a 10K.
7. Be completely debt free.
8. Attend a blogging conference.
9. Get my CCRN.
10. Get three more medical certifications.
11. Visit 5 different states.
12. Adopt a dog from a shelter.
13. Make my own quilt.
14. Become sufficient in self-defense.
15. Travel to Europe.
16. Visit 2 other countries.
17. Buy a house.
18. Re-design my blog layout.
19. Get married
20. Go to a Renaissance festival.
21. Attend a masquerade ball.
22. Improve my posture.
23. Submit something to PostSecret.
24. Attend a fashion show.
25. Go on a weekend vacation by myself.
26. Learn a new type of dance.
27. Join postcrossing and/or bookcrossing
28. Go on a haunted tour.
29. Participate in Nanorimo.
30. Take a class on Craftsy.

I will be updating this post whenever I complete one of the items. I am also planning on writing more information about each thing once it is completed. I will be taking lots of pictures to help document this journey and hopefully all of you will be inspired to come up with your own bucket list.What other things have you always wanted to do in life? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Hi Amanda! I love your list. There are definitely some things on your list that I would love to do before I turn the big three oh, for example, I would love to become sufficient in self-defense as well as go on a weekend vacation all by myself. Can I say that you are brave for wanting to go on a haunted tour, no way would I ever be able to do that lol! Have a great weekend :)

    A Joyful Kind of Life

    1. Thanks! Hopefully I will be able to complete everything. I love trying new things and I think this list will help me focus on doing the most important ones :)