Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mail Organizer

One problem I seem to have developed is a lack of organization when it comes to my mail. It usually just ends up laying on the counter causing all my bills to get mixed up with everything else. Unfortunately, I do not have enough wall or counter space to make a full "mail station" like some of those I have seen on other blogs or Pinterest. What I needed was something small that would hold all my essential mail. During one of my trips to the grocery I found a plastic mail holder in the office section. It was a simple grey and had a magnet on the back. I had a good space on the side of my fridge that would fit the holder perfectly. The only problem is that it was too plain and looked really cheep. I bought some sparkly take and some decorative burlap flowers to decorate it. This is what I came up with:

The mail holder was just the right size to fit on the side of my fridge. Now I can put all my bills and letters that need attention there and they won't get mixed in with everything else. Maybe someday I will have more wall space to have a true command center but for now this works for my needs.

  • Mail holder: $4.00
  • Sparkle tape: $10.00
  • Flower: $5.00
  • Label maker: Free
Total: $19.00

I made this mail organizer about a month ago so the prices are estimates. Also, the sparkle tape was a pack of twelve containing six different colors so I will be able to use the remaining for future projects. The flower came in a pack of two but I decided to only use one. Overall, I think it turned out well and I am happy with how much it cost.

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