Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mod Podge Flats

One trend I have seen in various places is using mod podge on shoes. A project that really caught my eye was comic book shoes. I have seen several people's take on that idea and I decided to try it out myself. I originally wanted to do it on a pair of high heels but the shoes I ended up finding for cheap were some flats from Walmart. Lately, I have really gotten into comic books (a habit I picked up from my boyfriend) and I tend to frequent the dollar comic book bins. I picked up some Avengers comics for a dollar a piece intending to decorate a comic book bin for my boyfriend about a month ago. I had not gotten around to it yet and decided to use them on my new pair of bargain shoes instead. After getting halfway through the project, I decided to not put any of the obvious comic book cutouts on the shoes (ex: word bubbles, characters, etc.). The colors I chose to do the background of the shoes in would have clashed too much with the character cutouts and I was way too happy with how they looked without the extra pieces! So instead of being comic book shoes, they turned into some fun mod podge shoes.

  • Comic books or other colorful paper items (you could use scrapbook paper or magazines) - $5.00
  • Mod Podge - Free
  • Shoes - $6.00
  • Foam brush - Free
  • Black, skinny duct tape - $3.00
All the supplies before I began the project.
  1. First, cut out various geometrical shapes out of your paper item. Cut out some thin rectangles for the edges and some other random shapes for the middle. The thin pieces will help get a cleaner line along the edges.
  2. Next, put mod podge on the shoe and place the paper shapes in a random pattern on the shoe. It is easiest if you do the edges first and then fill in the middle. I learned this after I had already started. I will make sure to do this with the next pair I make. 
  3. As you lay the pieces down, mod podge over them to make them smooth and stick on better. The glue over top the image looks milky. Don't worry, this will dry clear and your image will look great. 
  4. Let the shoes dry overnight. 
  5. Next, take your duct tape and put it along the edge of your shoes.Make sure it folds over into the inside of the shoe. This will help line the top of the shoe to give it a clean line.
  6. Press down on the tape to make sure it sticks well and they are ready to wear! If you are worried about the image getting worn off, put some extra coats of mod podge on the shoes. Make sure to let each coat dry completely before adding the next.

Total Cost:  $14.00

Even though I did not use the comic book characters on these shoes I made sure to keep them because I had already cut them all out. Those parts were what took the longest so I definitely did not want to waste them. These shoes took a very long time to make but it was worth it. I really love how these shoes turned out and I cannot wait for the weather to warm up so I can wear them out!

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