Monday, January 13, 2014

Painted Love Pillow

This is the second pillow I made using the drop cloth I had purchased for my Drop Cloth Flower Pillow. I got the idea from Crazy Wonderful. Her's turned out so beautifully that I had to make one for myself. Mine ended up being only one sided though and I used the envelope style to close the pillow, instead of sewing it shut.


  • 1/2 yard of drop cloth: Free
  • Thread: Free
  • Paint: $2.00
  • Small paint brush: Free
  • 6" x 14" pillow form: $6.00
  • Martha Stewart trace your own adhesive tracing paper: $11.00
  • Craft knife: Free
  • Cutting mat: Free

  1. First, cut out three pieces from the drop cloth. You will need one 11" x 21", one 11" x 17", and one 11" x 14". 
  2. Take the largest piece and place on a mat or piece of cardboard. This will be the part that is painted and you don't want the paint to bleed through onto a nice surface.
  3. Print out a word or phrase you want to use and trace it onto your tracing paper. Cut it out with your craft knife. Take off the backing and press it firmly onto the drop cloth.
  4. Paint your pillow.
  5. Peal off the stencil once dry.
  6. Sew the pieces together envelope style. Like the picture shows bellow. Flip inside out and place your pillow form inside.

Total Cost: $19.00

This was a simple pillow to make. It has looked great on my couch, on my chair, and on the guest bed. I will probably try making another one again soon.

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