Monday, January 13, 2014

Stenciled Strength Pillow

After completing my other two pillows Drop Cloth Flower Pillow and Painted Love Pillow, I began work on a project inspired by Wit and Whistle. Her pillow with a quote stenciled on it was a brilliant idea. I decided that I did not want a quote but rather a word. I chose "strength" because it was a word you don't normally see on things and since I was moving to a new city and starting a new job, I thought it was fitting. I had already done a "Love" pillow so I thought a way to make it more unique would be to add more words. I did this by looking up strength in many different languages. I decided the translations would be the background and the English version would be the focal point.

  • 1/2 yard of drop cloth: Free
  • Paint: Free
  • Thread: Free
  • Paint brush: Free
  • Martha Stewart trace your own tracing paper: Free
  • Craft knife: Free
  1. Cut out three pieces from the drop cloth. One 19" x 21", one 19" x 17", and one 19" x 14".
  2. Make a word document with the image/words you want on your pillow. 
  3. Print it out. You may need to print it onto several pieces and then tape them together in order to be big enough for the pillow.
  4. Tape the pages onto the tracing paper and cut out the letters/image with the craft knife. 
  5. Once it is all cut out, take the backing off and place firmly onto the largest piece of drop cloth.
  6. Paint the pillow. I used leftover black house paint Peal off the stencil once dry.
  7. Assemble pillow based on picture bellow:

Total Cost: Free

Cost for all three pillows: $30.00

The pillow turned out very nice. All three pillows that I made from the drop cloth are now being displayed in the guest bedroom. They fit perfectly with the decor and really finish off the room. They aren't the most comfortable pillows to lay on but they work perfectly for decoration.

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